Friday, October 27, 2006

The Grays

UFOs being one of my favorite subjects, I enjoyed reading Whiteley Strieber's The Grays. His book Communion and the film based on that book, are purported to be a faithful account of his experience with Aliens. In this new book, he uses fiction to try to explain his experience. In his website, Unknown Country, Strieber describes this book as “fact-based fiction.”

His goal is to explain his experience, to “communicate subtle, hidden things [through] fiction.” In his new book he tells about how Grays work in “triads” and how they can disappear while actually being in our midst. Whether it’s true or not, I found his explanation, based on movement and vision, quite original.

In the beginning, the Grays sound almost evil, but Strieber succeeds in gradually showing them as capable of human-like feelings and interested in the survival of humanity. However, in agreement with many other books and conspiracy theories, he presents the evil forces within the shadow government fighting earnestly and viciously against them. A final battle ensues which sounded a little bit more like “Night Of The Living Dead” to me. However, I did enjoy the end.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in UFOs.
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