Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sight Unseen

It seems to me that in his latest book Hopkins tries to find a middle ground between two different opinions concerning the nature of extraterrestrials among us. Some think of Aliens as conquerors, others as god-like beings who only want to help, the latter giving support to the many psychologists who think that belief in UFOs is a New Age religion.

Hopkins concedes that, in general, abduction narratives often show Aliens who seem to worry about the physical well-being of their subjects. However, he finds it troubling that Aliens would apparently cause harm to their subjects, both physically and psychologically. He mentions cases such as that of a female abductee whose medical records show severe scars from possibly some 50 incidents of apparent retrieval of ova. Hopkins also mentions sperm retrieval on male abductees which apparently is not bloodless.

UFO fans will find this book fascinating, with many updates, even on those government helicopter conspiracy theories. Those who don’t think that UFOs are real would likely enjoy its twilight-zone character.
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